India Day 16: Destination Jaipur

I have finally reached the destination of Jaipur, the biggest city in Rajasthan, after amending the original schdule to exclude Bastar – we simply ran out of days after opting to maximise the opportunities that previously presented along the way.

The day started with an early morning visit to the same ghat as yesterday, where different groups of people were visiting for worship.

Woman bathing as part of worship, Ram Ghat

Many ghats surround Pushkar Lake, so lighting conditions vary for each throughout the day.

Chandra Ghat

Following an unexpected path can lead to unexpected opportunities.  About 20 miles outside Jaipur I was given the opportunity to see a local farm, as long as I could cling on above the back wheel without dying.  Seemed fair…

Tractor Riding (‘Clinging Oning’)

The farm was suitably off the grid & in the middle of nowhere.

The Tractor

The Farmer

The temperature in Jaipur is currently 38°c.  My brother has flown back to Ireland and I intend to recover for a few days, anywhere with aircon, before moving on.






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