Astro Photography

For Christmas I treated myself to a telescope to have a go at some astro-photography.

This was my first attempt, the Orion Nebula, taken 18th January 2024 from my back garden just outside Grimsby.

    2 thoughts on “Astro Photography

    • 04/02/2024 at 3:04 pm

      I guess you use it in conjunction with apps so you know what you are aiming at? It seems very clear ~ does it require much post processing?

      • 05/02/2024 at 12:11 am

        The post processing is mainly stacking the images together to effectively increase the exposure time, which is done by the computer software. This image is 10 separate 5 minute exposures . There are free options for this such as Deep Sky Stacker but I’ve opted for Astro Pixel Processor here.
        Then a few levels tweaks on Lightroom & job done.

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