Story Grid – Blues And Hues

I couldn’t manage to insert this to an ongoing post, so have had to start afresh. I made the resolution the same for all the starting images, but as the images were not all the same size, I made them all the same height and tried to centre them widthways above the bottom row.

With more planning, I could have selected images that slotted together better heightways and widthways. With hindsight, it would be more effective with a different coloured, or even textured background.

Jo Humberstone

I've always had an interest in photography, starting too many years ago than I care to remember. I have a variety of cameras in working order ~ pinhole, medium format, 35mm and digital. With working full time, there never seems to be enough free time to properly indulge in using them. 10 years or so ago, I took my first (and only!) "A" level ~ in photography. I was the only one on the course to only do darkroom work throughout. My own preferences lie with film and alternative processes ~ Digital is fine for most things, but for me it hasn't got as much "soul"! I enjoy sloshing around with various chemicals and I enjoy the unpredictability of some of the results. Having said that, I am happy to rise to the challenge of digital work and manipulating images for competitions and suchlike when time permits.

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  • 08/06/2020 at 8:00 am

    Jo a good try, thanks for giving it a go. I am working on a short video that will explain a really easy way to do this sort of thing.

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