Trip to Norfolk

Recently I had a week in Norfolk on the river Yare.

During the week I had several trips out with my camera and thought I would post a few images for people to see.


I have been several times and will probably go again.

While I was down there this time I was at a plaice called Strumpshaw Fen, a nature reserve owned by the RSPB. I enjoyed the place so much i dug deep and joined the RSPB. In fact it is incredibly cheap to join and they do great  work maintaining some of these sites. If you enjoy visiting these places and are not a member then please think about joining. it is the price of a fancy coffee every month.


I hope there was an image you liked.

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    • 24/06/2024 at 7:02 am

      That looks like a decent trip John. I like the heron shot. What is that thing on its head, did you get a closer look at it, I can’t work out what it is?

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