India Day 14: Bundi

W9w! Found a new city to Explore.  Bundi is a everything Jodhpur is and more. It retains much more history through the older more traditional buildings. Overlooking the city is the 900 year old Taragarh Fort. 

Taragarh Fort at Night, Bundi

Scattered around the city are historic stepwells, unusually almost empty at this time of year.  The people are assuming it will come within a month  

Stepwells, Bundi.l.

Today is the first of the 2 day Kajli Teej festival. This led to people dressing up and a carnival through the streets this evening. 

Carnival Member, Bundi. 

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  • 23/09/2023 at 9:01 pm

    How do you find out all the information David? Is it from locals or guides, or do you have to search on the www?
    It looks like a fantastic place to visit.

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