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Competition Themes And Dates

By on Nov 12, 2020

To enable you all to prepare your images for our point-scoring competitions, below are the hand-in dates, competition dates and themes until May, 2021. In the hope of returning to face-to-face meetings later in the year, we have scheduled the PDI competitions first. Themes for the latter part of the year (hopefully prints) will be announced at a later date.

Competition No 1, PDI, Theme – Religion. Any aspect of any religion – still life, record, portraits, nature (even your Christmas themed images), colour or mono – your choice.

Hand-in date 14th January, competition judging 28th January, judge to be confirmed. Images to be sent via email to:-

Competition No 2, PDI, Theme – Still Life. You have control of the content, the composition, the lighting. The image should be as taken, with no additions and only minor post processing. This is not a competition for digitally manipulated images – for example, if you want a reflection, make sure you get it in camera, not in your editing programme ( 🙂 )

Hand-in date 4th March, competition judging 18th March, judge – Janet Davies A R P S. Images to be sent via email to:-

Competition No 3, PDI, Theme – Architecture – Restricted. In this competition, we are looking for made made structures such as bridges, locks, follies. Houses, castles, churches, shops, and similar are excluded. Further guidance will be posted presently.

Hand-in date 13th May, competition judging 27th May, judge to be confirmed. Images to be sent via email to:-

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