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Together We Stand, Divide We Fall.

By on Jun 2, 2020

I’m sure we all have a number of images that by themselves don’t make the final cut, especially when it comes to competitions. They are all taken with the best intention but they just haven’t got what it takes to please a judge.

So what do we do with them? Well, for me, now and again, when I’ve got time on my hands, I go through them  and make up montages and the like. It’s often not until we put a few things together,  that relate in some way, that we see a picture that tells a story or reminds  us of a time and place gone by.

The great thing is, nobody else needs to like it , if you like the finished results then you have a winner. If others like what you’ve done that’s great too, go and do some more. 

Here are a few of mine 




  1. John I really like this technique, it’s a great storytelling method for related images of any type. I will be having a go at this.

    Brian McCarthy Brian McCarthy


  2. A very effective way of telling a story

    John Nash John Nash


  3. Thanks for this neat idea John.
    Am I right in thinking these are all reduced sized images on a “new” image to make the background?
    I is a good way to tell a story without overpowering (or dare I say, boring) the other viewers? Sometimes you need to show the dodgy images to show the example of the final image.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Jo Humberstone Jo Humberstone


  4. Thank you all for your comments, I hope you’ll give it a go

    Avatar John Dadley


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