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A couple of weeks ago I came across a series of videos on YouTube that I thought would be of interest and benefit to some of you. If you are just starting out or perhaps struggling with some aspects of this great hobby of ours, watching the videos that my link refers to might help. (Please see below)

The content is some of the best I’ve seen covering the basics of photography. It’s well presented with good quality instruction and uses plain easy to understand language and good graphics.

It comes from a company that normal charges for its online training but they have released this one free of charge. 

The name of the photographer is Karl Taylor (some of you may know of him already). Give it a look over and let me know if it was any good for you.

Oh, one last thing, look out for details of the free E-book that is also available.


The Link

John Dadley

I have been a member of the Grimsby Photographical Society since 2016 and now serve as the Honorary Vice President, a position I am proud to fill. I started my photographical journey at the tender age of 10 years old. At that time my camera of choice was not really of choice, it was all we had. lt was the famous Kodak Box Browne. Back in those days, most families had a camera of some sorts and it would be brought out to record momentous family events. you know the sort of things - weddings, new babies, christenings, the kids opening their presents at Christmas, and showing off their new school uniforms at Easter. For reasons of economy (my Dad said), no matter how special the occasion was "two or three SNAPS! would be enough to sum up the event". This meant that the 12- exposure roll of film could last the whole year round and longer in some cases. There was one family I know that had pictures of their daughter's christening and wedding on the same roll of film (sadly processed by the subject after her parents passing some years later). Fast forward a few years, and a few cameras, oh boy has it changed. As much as I love all the new gear and new technology, (Yes I'm a gadget freak). I'm glad to have had a background in the days of film where I cut my teeth not only learning camera and lighting skills but also the processing and development of my images. I spent many many hours in the darkroom trying just about everything there was to try. Serving in the Army for 25 years opened up the world for me and gave me the sorts of opportunities that are hard to come by in most other walks of life. I would hasten to add at this point, that I was not an "Army Photographer" (that is a specialist trade). I was more a solider with a camera! As my skills developed over the years I was able to turn this hobby of mine to good use not only for military purposes but for social use too, recording the ups and downs of service life.

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  • 23/03/2020 at 3:38 pm

    He does some great live studio tutorials where you can ask questions and he’ll respond and do demonstrations. Entertaining to watch too!

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