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Some On-line Learning 

By on Mar 23, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I came across a series of videos on YouTube that I thought would be of interest and benefit to some of you. If you are just starting out or perhaps struggling with some aspects of this great hobby of ours, watching the videos that my link refers to might help. (Please see below)

The content is some of the best I’ve seen covering the basics of photography. It’s well presented with good quality instruction and uses plain easy to understand language and good graphics.

It comes from a company that normal charges for its online training but they have released this one free of charge. 

The name of the photographer is Karl Taylor (some of you may know of him already). Give it a look over and let me know if it was any good for you.

Oh, one last thing, look out for details of the free E-book that is also available.


The Link

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  1. He does some great live studio tutorials where you can ask questions and he’ll respond and do demonstrations. Entertaining to watch too!

    Daniel Firth Daniel Firth


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