Point Scoring Competition Themes And Dates for 2022

The possible dates and suggested themes for our point-scoring competitions are below. There may be a few amendments, but these will be announced in good time.

Other competitions will have different dates and rules.

In most cases, the print entries are due in 2 weeks before the judging date and the PDI’s 1 week before the judging date. You are also requested to submit a PDI of each print and pdi entry so these can be considered for external club competitions, and the filename is requested as ( Title # Full Name i.e. Butterfly # Jo Humberstone) Please be aware that external competitions may request a different naming sequence!

17th February ~ PDI ~ “Still Life” You will have control over the camera settings, content and lighting for this category – post processing should be minimal

21st April ~ Print ~ “Portraiture” Candid, theatre, studio, head and shoulders, full frame, static or action ~ your choice. Please ensure any studio shots are suitable for “Family Viewing”

26th May ~PDI -“Transport Around the World” ~ We are looking for forms of transport, so think about including movement or unusual angles to add interest to what might seem a mundane subject. We are not looking for close-up detail shots in this competition.

7th July ~ Print ~ “Landscapes, Seascapes” Exactly as the theme suggests!

29th September ~ PDI ~ “Sport” These entries can be action shots, so blur is quite acceptable. Slow-paced sports, such as those found in pubs are also suitable, as are images showing a bit of lateral thinking! Still Life using sporting accoutrements is not acceptable as there is already a still life competition for such set-ups.

24th November ~ Print ~ “Animals” ~ Mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, insect, domesticated, wild animals ~ your choice. This does not need to be in a Nature or natural history style, but we would like you to show off the animal(s), not just your editing skills!

Jo Humberstone

I've always had an interest in photography, starting too many years ago than I care to remember. I have a variety of cameras in working order ~ pinhole, medium format, 35mm and digital. With working full time, there never seems to be enough free time to properly indulge in using them. 10 years or so ago, I took my first (and only!) "A" level ~ in photography. I was the only one on the course to only do darkroom work throughout. My own preferences lie with film and alternative processes ~ Digital is fine for most things, but for me it hasn't got as much "soul"! I enjoy sloshing around with various chemicals and I enjoy the unpredictability of some of the results. Having said that, I am happy to rise to the challenge of digital work and manipulating images for competitions and suchlike when time permits.

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