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Photography in Lockdown – Podcast

Photography in Lockdown – Podcast

By on Feb 1, 2021

Hello all! Over the weekend myself, Brian and Mike got together over Zoom to record a podcast talking about what we’ve been up to during lockdown and our opinions on the recent Religion photography competition.

Here’s a wee snippet:

I hope this is enjoyable listening to have on in the background as you’re preparing your still life photos for our next competition!

GPS Podcast – Episode 1 “Photography in Lockdown”


  1. Interesting conversations there lads 🙂

    Jo Humberstone Jo Humberstone


  2. Thanks Jo. Happy to help anyone who wants to do one similar. This was just recorded over a Zoom call – I think it would be nice to do one about Still Life photography ahead of the competition next month.

    Daniel Firth Daniel Firth


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