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Our Nature Competition

By on Jul 26, 2021

This Thursday, we were able to welcome our judge for the evening, Jorj Malinowski, to our first print competition in over a year. Jorj was telling us how this was his first face-to-face judging in around 2 years, having been recently judging over the Zoom platform. We gave Jorj a run for his money with our Nature competition, with 27 prints to judge.

His first placed print was English Woodland Fungi by Les Bradbury

Followed in second place by Damselflies Ovipositing by John Nash

In third place, was Clover Flower by Gary Briggs

and in fourth place, was Burnet Moths mating by John Nash

There were some very good entries and Jorj was able to give helpful advice to us to try to get our own prints placed n our competitions.

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