Steve Mercer

I started photography at school where I was taught how to develop and print in the school darkroom. I later converted the disused coal house at my parents’ house into my own darkroom which I used until I went away to university.
I have taken photos ever since but often as part of other activities like holidays and family get togethers rather than dedicated photo shoots.
I went digital early on and gradually improved my equipment over the years and since joining the society I have tried more types of photography and experimented with different techniques.
I am still not a big user of post processing but intend to get my head round it eventually!

My Posts

  • Steve Mercer: Audio-Visual Night
    Italy, Top to Toe By way of brief explanation the slides are all selected from family holidays over the years. I always took my camera but you can imagine with a family I didn’t always have the time to select my shot or the lighting conditions had I been there just to take photos. However
  • Look North Feature
    ICYMI some our members’ photos were featured on yesterday’s Look North. Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures at such short notice. Unfortunately, the club doesn’t get a specific mention but photos from; Steve Mercer, Daniel Firth, Diane Seddon and Mike Stringer do feature in a montage of photographs taken in the region.