Michael Stringer

I have been taking photos all my adult life. The usual, send them away to Truprint and be totally underwhelmed by the results. Then in 2010 I went on a six weeks beginners course for digital photography. This introduction to digital totally changed things for me.Then a friend suggested I join GPS. I was told I would meet some talented photographers and this would improve my photography. Although I will try any type of photography my main interest is in sports and recently people. As in studio type shoots.
I wanted to challenge myself, so I went in for Distinctions with the RPS. I gained my Licentiate in 2018 and am currently working on my Associate. I also received my Credit award from the PAGB in 2019.GPS is a great club with some very talented members. I encourage anyone who wants to improve to give us a go.

My Posts

  • Photography in Lockdown – Podcast
    Hello all! Over the weekend myself, Brian and Mike got together over Zoom to record a podcast talking about what we’ve been up to during lockdown and our opinions on the recent Religion photography competition. Here’s a wee snippet: I hope this is enjoyable listening to have on in the background as you’re preparing your
  • Mike Stringer: Audio-Visual Night
    Jack Stringer – 5 Years
  • Processing Challenge
    Mike Stringer has set this week’s challenge of editing one of his photographs. You can download the above image in your preferred format by clicking on one of the red tabs below. Please email your edited images to Mike Stringer so we can go through them all during Friday’s Zoom meeting.
  • Look North Feature
    ICYMI some our members’ photos were featured on yesterday’s Look North. Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures at such short notice. Unfortunately, the club doesn’t get a specific mention but photos from; Steve Mercer, Daniel Firth, Diane Seddon and Mike Stringer do feature in a montage of photographs taken in the region.
  • Grimsby Canada.
    I recently came across a website not unlike ours. It was from a camera club in Grimsby Canada. I have made contact with main organizer and had a good chat with him. He tells me that they get quite a lot of interest in their website from the UK. What I would like to do