Martinus Bojen (Tinus)

Hello, after ten years as an aircraft technician in the REME, and twenty-eight years on the high seas as skipper/owner of a modern trawler out of the port of Grimsby, I decided I had enough.  I still had interests in the fishing industry but wanted something that was going to keep me outdoors, exercising my body and my head!!!!

The new digital type of photography ticked all the boxes.  I joined Grimsby Photography Society after a chance meeting with Colin Smales (an outstanding wildlife photographer) who was with an RPS party photographing seals at Donna Nook.  I joined and found all the members were very helpful in getting me started and quickly found I liked outdoor landscape photography more than anything.  I have been to Iceland three times roughing it (loved every minute), Colorado in the fall and a Kenyan safari and it is these trips abroad that form the centre of my collection and keep me wanting more!!

I am now finding an interest in the printing side of this hobby and buy different types of paper and experiment with them, seeing the print coming out of the printer, the end product is a real high for me.

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