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Daniel Firth

I have been coming to Grimsby Photographic Society since 2018.

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  • Photography in Lockdown – Podcast
    Hello all! Over the weekend myself, Brian and Mike got together over Zoom to record a podcast talking about what we’ve been up to during lockdown and our opinions on the recent Religion photography competition. Here’s a wee snippet: I hope this is enjoyable listening to have on in the background as you’re preparing your still […]
  • Macro Photography – Attempt 1
    I treated myself to a new macro lens last week. After doing a bit of research I decided to buy the Laowa 2:1 100mm f/2.8. They also do a 5:1 and you may have seen those funny looking ‘probe lenses’ that they do. Anyhoo, here are a few shots I got over the weekend: These are […]
  • Look North Feature
    ICYMI some our members’ photos were featured on yesterday’s Look North. Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures at such short notice. Unfortunately, the club doesn’t get a specific mention but photos from; Steve Mercer, Daniel Firth, Diane Seddon and Mike Stringer do feature in a montage of photographs taken in the region.
  • Photography Quiz #3
    In this quiz, you have 43 questions to answer in a rather generous 12 minutes! Thank you to those who have submitted questions to be added to this week’s quiz… if you thought my questions were hard, just wait until you read a few of these! I’ve padded it out with a few nicer questions that […]
  • Photography Quiz #2
    There is a range of questions again in this quiz, so something to suit everyone. It’s still pretty tough and aims to test you in all areas of photography. 50% or more is pretty good! You have just 10 minutes to answer these 40 questions…
  • Photography Quiz #1
    Hello, everyone! Just a quick something to quench the boredom. Your challenge if you should choose to accept it is to answer 50 (pretty tough) questions on all things photography. You have only 10 minutes from when you click ‘start’, so no time to Google the answers! If you enjoy it or have any suggestions for […]