Andrew McCarthy

I work and live in Binbrook, took up photography in 2019 joined Grimsby Photographic Society later that year. I have a Mirrorless ILC and have already entered the club competitions and look forward to improving my knowledge. I’m still learning about the complexity of the modern camera and the different genres in photography types.

My Posts

  • A Day Out at Bempton Cliffs
    If you want to shoot Birds this is the place to go, there are thousands of sea birds, so it can soon fill your card up. Between March and September, almost half a million seabirds pair up and raise chicks Mainly Gannets, but also, Guillemot’s, Razorbills, Fulmars, and if your lucky Puffins. There are no
  • Still playing with water
    Very cold water makes the best effect
  • Playing with water
  • Falling Water
    You gotta to be quick to capture this…
  • Blurring Backgrounds in Photoshop
  • Sunday Stroll
    A bit shocked finding this today, one shot only and it was gone 1/500 at F4.o ISO 2000