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John Nash: Audio-Visual Night

By on Jun 19, 2020

Cardiff Bay

This was my first attempt at an AV and dates from 2008. I was strolling around Cardiff Bay whilst my daughter was visiting the University. I remember I had pie, chips and peas plus a pint of Brains bitter in a local pub for less than £5.

Tall Ships

In 2009 my daughter helped crew a Tall Ship around the Mediterranean Sea. I bought her a Pentax compact digital camera for her to record the trip. So the photos are actually hers but I put them together as an AV when she returned and burned the file to a DVD as a momento for her. She is the one at the top of the mast!

A Stroll Around Muker

Following the talk by Alan Tyrer at the Society I revived my interest in AV and put this together to enter into the LPA  AV Competition. As an AV novice I did not expect to do well and I didn’t but I did learn a lot from the judge and from other competitors. I have much more to learn before I can hope to compete with people like Alan Tyrer or Mike Bennett

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