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Colour Transects

By on May 20, 2020

Colour Transects

The images attached are examples of an idea I saw a few years ago by photographer and author Niall Benvie.  So, what’s it all about?  His explanation is, I quote, “There are two main ideas behind Colour Transect images.  Firstly, they draw the viewer’s attention to the diversity of colours present in a scene – often much greater than they imagine. Secondly, Colour Transects hold the viewer’s attention for longer than a “normal” photograph as they speculate where the colours have been sampled from. The approach puts colour to the fore rather than treating it as an incidental element.” I fully agree, there are some occasions you just can’t work out where a colour has come from!

The method of carrying out the work involves dividing up the image using a grid system and taking colour samples from each small area, then inserting those samples in the boxes below. This is the same technique used on a much larger scale to study the diversity of flora and fauna in any given environment.        

It was also inspiration from Niall that got me interested in the High Key Field Studio Technique, that I posted last week. I have always enjoyed doing other things with my photography other than just work for club competitions etc, as important as that is!  

I’ll keep some of those ideas for another day. As always… give it a try.




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