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  1. Looks very good, Andrew! Well done

    Daniel Firth Daniel Firth


  2. Nice work Andrew. Good of you to put the time in, keep up the good work.

    Avatar John Dadley


  3. Thanks for this Andrew ~ a demonstration made clear and simple, and the beauty of a video is that you can pause and reply as often as you need. 🙂

    Jo Humberstone Jo Humberstone


  4. Here’s a novel idea why not just learn how to use the camera

    Avatar Vic Bouch


    • There’s always the opportunity to do a video demonstration/ tutorial if you feel like giving it a go, Vic 🙂

      Daniel Firth Daniel Firth


      • Hi Daniel it would take me an age to learn how to put together a tutorial vidio , it is really very simple if you would like to raise it as a question to me at the zoom meeting I could explain and answer any questions Cheers Vic

        Avatar Vic Bouch


  5. Great tutorial Andrew. You make it sound so simple. This is something I’ve been trying to do as it’s not always possible to get a satisfactory blurred background in camera, despite what some people say. By the way that bird looks like a new species to me I think it’s the new Lego bird mostly found I the Binbrook area. Keep up the great work Andrew.

    Mike Stringer Mike Stringer


  6. Thank you Mike for your comment I am hopefully be making another video very soon

    Andrew McCarthy Andrew McCarthy


  7. hi mick seem all the zoom pic very good

    Avatar Michael Lacey


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