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Architecture PDI Competition Results, Judged by Brian Gromett Via Zoom

By on May 28, 2021

TitleAuthorJudge ScorePointsPosition
Big wheel In Liverpool                 Karen Farley1875
Turbines, New Brighton              Jo Humberstone1739
Cleethorpes Pier Reflected     John Nash161
Horkstow Bridge                           Andrew McCarthy161
High Quay                                       Daniel Firth1875
Through The Arch                           James Kent141
Murdoch’s Connection, HullJo Humberstone161
Daily Commute                                  Malcolm Brown1739
Ashness BridgeAndrew McCarthy1739
Barn On The Dales John Farley151
A Miller’s MoonLes Bradbury19103
Nottingham Station Roof          John Nash151
Gold Phone BoxDaniel Firth151
Sydney Harbour James Kent161
Monsal Head Tunnel Gary Briggs19122
We All Need waterMalcolm Brown1739
Ribblehead Viaduct                     John Farley161
LighthouseDaniel Firth1739
Kyleshu Bridge James Kent161
Salford Quays Bridge                  John Nash1739
Humber BridgeAndrew McCarthy1739
London EyeKaren Farley151
Sydney Opera House Stairs Gary Briggs1875
Sunset Sky Over The PierMalcolm Brown161
A Bridge Across ForeverLes Bradbury1984
Duck HouseKaren Farley151
Bramante Staircase                           Gary Briggs1875
Humber Bridge Stanchion               Jo Humberstone141
Architecture In IndustryLes Bradbury20151
Pylon John Farley141

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