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2020 Annual Print Competition Placings

By on Mar 25, 2020

Our recent Annual Print Competition was judged by Alan Tyrer of Cleethorpes CC.

Below are the placings of the rated prints.

Commended, Highly Commended and Winning Prints from the Annual Print Competition 2020.

Best Colour.              Kyle Thomas                                       Mike Stringer

Best Mono                 Ghost Crew.                                        Les Bradbury

Best Novice Hardrow Force Andrew McCarthy

Photo Journalism.

C                                  Taking it on the chin.                Gary Briggs                        

C                                    Elite   rider 69                           George Lill                          

HC                                 Keep your eyes on the road.    Malcolm Brown

HC                               Eye contact                                   John Thorndike.              

Winner.                     Kyle Thomas                                Mike Stringer.


C                                  The Queens last stand.               John Thorndike.              

C                                  King of the Waltzers                  Mike Bennett                   

HC                               Rook.                                             Diane Seddon.

HC                               Fairy in the woods.                    Mike Bennett                   

Winner.                     Firefox                                          Malcolm Brown

Any Other Subject.

C                                  Chatsworth Library.                   Jamie Kent.

C                                    Supper                                        John Thorndike                

C                                    Jasper                                         Jamie Kent.

HC                               Colours of Industry.                   Les Bradbury.

HC                               The Wrong Shoe.                        George Lill                          

HC                               Dying Tulips.                                John Nash                          

Winner.                     Ratsnakes.                                    John Farley.


C.                                 Dean.                                            Mike Bennett .                 

C                                  Sherlock.                                      Mike Bennett                   

HC                               Taz                                                Diane Seddon.

HC                               A Fellow at work.                       Mike Stringer.  

Winner.                     For King and Country.             Les Bradbury.

Natural History.

C                                  Hoverfly on Scabious.               John Nash.    .

C                                  Painted Lady.                               Andrew McCarthy.

HC                               Nuthatch.                                     Garry Hodson.

HC                               Meadow Brown.                         Garry Hodson.

HC                               Red Grouse in Hoar Frost.         Diane Seddon.

Winner.                     Robin.                                            Garry Hodson.


C                                  Hardrow Falls.                             Andrew McCarthy.

C                                  Winter in the Dales.                    Mike Stringer.

HC                               Whitby Light.                                John Thorndike.

HC                               A Lincolnshire Barn.                   Les Bradbury.   

Winner.                     Bad Weather on Elgol.                Diane Seddon   


C                                  Steam Tractor.                             Andrew McCarthy

C                                  Black Church Of Buda.                Tinus Bojen.

HC Despair Mike Bennett

HC                               A Break Before Opps.                  Les Bradbury.

Winner                      Ghost Crew.                                   Les Bradbury

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  1. Well done everyone who entered our Annual Print Competition.
    Above are the print titles gaining a Commended, Highly Commended or Winning place.

    As circumstances are now preventing us meeting in person, perhaps you could upload some of your entries and explain what your editing process was ~ Do you think you could improve by following the judges advice? or maybe this was your only option to get the shot?

    Jo Humberstone Jo Humberstone


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